In 2009, Rocket Club took the music industry by surprise when they appeared like a guided missile on the Billboard Country charts, staying for 7 weeks and reaching #49 with their single, One More Day. This early national success came in spite of the group’s many nontraditional qualities: an unsigned band, a self‐produced album, and hailing from the North Country of Minneapolis, Minnesota, far from the country music Mecca of Nashville. Put equal parts Cash, Eagles and Zeppelin on ice, shake vigorously, and pour into a 3‐part harmony glass, and you’ve just made yourself a North Country cocktail, courtesy of Rocket Club. Chock full of big guitar hooks, rich vocal harmonies and good old fashioned American storytelling, this band is setting out to create a whole new blend of music. And to their pleasant surprise, a whole lot of people have taken an early liking to the taste. Current single “One Thing Beautiful” is at #41 on the Music Row Country Breakout Chart.