Daisy Dillman Band


40 years later… just like one of their fan favorite songs “Turn My Head”, The Daisy Dillman Band is still turning heads!

Far from Nashville and well before alternative country, or whatever the music is being called these days — 5 guys from the western suburbs of Minneapolis created a beloved blend of country, rock and folk music in 1976 that they soon exported to the nation. Then like now the band’s combined heart-breaking 3 and 4-part harmonies and five-star musicianship that made them a top draw in Minnesota as well as the rest of the country.

Named after the 104-year-old grandmother of Stymie’s (Bass player/Vocals) wife, the group’s electrifying sound, heavy rhythm section and those sweet harmonies earn them a huge following and in 1978 a national record deal with United Artists. Buoyed by Minnesota Music Awards for Best Band and Best Vocal Group, the DDB took to the road that same year in their customized, ’57 Greyhound Scenic Cruiser they named “Melbourne”.

The band’s first single “Border Bound” played on the radio nationally and in Europe. On tour, the Daisy Dillman Band racked up thousands of miles playing concerts from coast to coast, north-to south and east to west. Back home they continued to sell out big nightclubs like Doc Holidays, the Cabooze and others in the region and welcomed their hometown fans with a “live” studio concert at the PBS affiliate KTCA. In 1981 the band recorded its second album, this time for RCA Records at the legendary Muscle Shoals Studios with world renowned producer Rick Hall. Their single “Lovin’ the Night Away” rises to the top 100 on the Billboard charts.

Recently and by request another chapter has been added to the DDB legacy… “Daisy Dillman Acoustic”, bringing pure 3-part harmony and acoustic instruments to an “unplugged” and intimate setting, performing their own and other iconic country-rock and folk classics.

In 2015 the band released their 3rd album and single titled “Radio” to the delight of Dillman fans everywhere.

This year with their 2016 tour, celebrating “40 Years Together”, they’re still making new heart-felt memories for old friends, longtime fans as well as a whole new generation of music fans – who love the sweet, country-rock and folk sounds of one of Minnesota’s most cherished groups…”The Daisy Dillman Band”.



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