In the beginning, in Denton, Texas sometime in the mid-90s, Slobberbone was all about playing for friends and free beer. Fortunately, their modest aspirations were quickly thwarted by the growing realization that they had something really special on their hands. Even in his earliest songs, Brent had an uncanny ability to fuse seriously deep subject matter with catchy-as-hell melodies and compelling song structures. Bassist Brian Lane, and drummer Tony Harper are a rock-solid, rhythm section and guitarist Jess Barr can pretty much do as he pleases on his instrument, his trademark being a wickedly fast solo, followed by a one-finger in the air salute to, well, himself. It’s all done with humor, of course, which is what differentiates these guys from a lot of other bands. Not that they don’t take what they do seriously, it’s just that they know that when people come out to see a band, they also want to have fun, to be released, to get rocked. One thing about Slobberbone: for all the labels and genres that critics and writers can toss at them, the band has always insisted that they are a Rock band first and foremost. From Crow Pot Pie, their critically lauded 1996 debut, to Barrel Chested (’97) to Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today (’01), the band’s first release on New West, the sound and spirit of rock ‘n’ roll has permeated the music. But if rock ‘n’ roll were a neighborhood, Slobberbone has explored and terrorized most every street, alley and cul-de-sac: Country, Punk, Pop, Soul, Metal. Those styles and influences have always been there, but over time they’ve become increasingly integrated into the fabric of the band.



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