The Disparrows


After returning from a brief tour in India, The Disparrows began work on their third album in their hometown of Hollywood, CA. Reviews from Rolling Stone India & the Indian press celebrating the American Rock band’s acceptance by the international crowds were fuel to a group that has run on fire and passion.
The band started in June 2009 with the meeting of Singer/ Guitarist Daniel Weber and Bassist Stephen Tecci. A brief jam session resulted in instant realization of chemistry and mutual interest in Blues-Rock bands. The two spent the following month in Tecci’s home studio recording what would become their first album. During the recording and creative process Tecci called up old friend Grant Loosvelt to add keys to the tracks. The playing went so well, it became evident that the three had come across something bigger that just recording an album. According to Tecci, “We clicked, we knew we had something special, and we knew it was the right time to bring back that 70’s dirty rock feel with a touch of modern composition. Daniel was a big Dylan fan, and had a knack for story telling in song, words with meaning and something that was quotable, as well as singable.”

The band initially brought in drummer Mike Brasic from Ceesau who had a very hard hitting John Bonham style. Over the next two years the band toured the west coast building a live show of catchy tunes filled out by energetic jam sessions. They brought in the feel and style from the best of 60’s and 70’s groups and added a modern sound to top it off.

With Daniel’s guitar inspired by Slash, and lyric style by Dylan; Tecci bringing in the creative and production mindset of the Hendrix and Roger Waters, and Loosvelt adding the energy and drive of (insert piano players here) –the band has worked and matured in a must see- must hear group.

“Producing and working in the International Movie and Entertainment scene through India for the last few years has given me the opportunity to expose The Disparrows music to a variety of musicians and fans; the over-whelming positive response and thirst for more has driven me to take this group beyond California and the West Coast, and pursue the dream of having an internationally recognized band and music style, “ says Daniel Weber. Weber further states, “The third Album ‘Wasting Time’ comes at a time when we are at out peak writing and communicating abilities as a band, and I really feel this album can deliver on that dream.”

The maturity of The Disparrows as a band is very apparent in their third album ‘Wasting Time’, however, the chemistry and musicianship that transcends friendship to a brotherhood of sound can never be estimated without the experience of their live performance.



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